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Tiffany Wilkins


Tiffany Wilkins is an Admissions Counselor in the Admissions Office.  She is responsible for providing pre-admission counseling for prospective students, as well as representing the College to high school and community colleges. She also coordinates Admissions events, such as Open House and Group Visitations.

Hometown: Bourbonnais, IL

Current Town: Bloomington, IL

College(s) Attended: Illinois State University

Degree (s): Bachelor of Science

Major: Marketing

What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy working with students and helping them with their journey through the college process. It is amazing to watch how a student progresses from the start of the journey through the end. To witness and to be a part of the excitement that they experience when they are almost ready to begin school is just the best!

What have you learned from Lincoln College-Normal students? The students are from all over the place and everyone brings something new and fresh to the school. It is wonderful to see all the talent and excitement that each individual student brings.

What do you most love to tell prospective students about Lincoln College-Normal?  I love to share the fact that our campus is student focused. We provide a small classroom experience that promotes success for the students. Although we are a small campus, we are located in a college town so it is exciting that students have the opportunity to enjoy a larger college environment while still being able to strive academically.

What’s great about the Bloomington/Normal area?  The great thing about Bloomington-Normal is that there always seems to be something going on. From Farmer’s Markets to concerts to sporting events, you can always find something for everyone to do here. Both cities have awesome parks and great trails for running, biking, rollerblading and walking.

What do you like to do around the community?  I love to check out the different restaurants and definitely love to go shopping! I also enjoy the different running trails that Bloomington -Normal has to offer.

What advice do you have for students who are searching for the right college for them? Do your research, talk with people and explore different campuses. Ask questions to teachers, parents, family and friends, everyone will have a different experience to pull from and little bit of advice to offer you. And lastly be engaged in the process, you will be the one going to the school for the next 4 years so make sure it is somewhere you will be able to succeed and feel comfortable.

Words to live by: “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein

“Success happens when opportunity meets preparation”

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