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Student_Success_RT3A0071-printAffording a college education doesn’t have to be out of reach. While we’re a private college, our tuition is a fraction of the cost of other private colleges or public universities of comparable quality and opportunity, and with scholarships and traditional financial aid, we’re committed to making sure that a Lincoln College education is as an affordable one.

Projected Cost of Attendance

Below is the cost of attendance for the 2013-14 academic year. Students are also encouraged to apply for scholarships and apply for financial aid in order to help make college more affordable.

Full-time Undergraduates

Tuition: $16,500
Room and board: $3,700
Deposit:** $50
Total: $20250

ABE Students

Tuition (per credit hour):: $275
Deposit:** $50
Total: $325

*Costs are subject to change without notice.

**Enrollment deposit applied toward tuition.